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  • Consultants

    To deliver a secured and certifiable consulting portal that enables developers in Africa to acquire training and contracts seamlessly from global clients.

    To foster career growth for African developers by facilitating training opportunities to build and refine skillsets and competencies necessary to keep them competitive with global developers in other countries.

  • Clients

    To connect global clients with cost effective developers from Africa that are monitored and managed by a US registered company with proven track record.

    All developers are signed up under corporate confidential agreements and rated according to their performances.

  • Affiliate Tools

    1) A free PM tool to define, manage and execute your scope of work.

    2) Free access to our remote offices and resources.

    3) Dollar payment gateway for the client to pay for services without hassles.

    4) Customer protection with our Mediation Agreements to hold Developer contractually aligned and accountable.

  • Security

    In effort to alleviate consumer concerns about working with a global resource, Nigex serves as a reference for all registered Developers. We go through a meticulous process process to vet the skills, background and track record of our resources.

    We also encourage the use of our Project Managers & Remote locations near you . The locations are there for your use and our staff looks forward to setting you up with a payment account.

    Developers can either work on Nigex projects or bring their own clients to work with them via the Nigex process. In this case Nigex does not have any direct rights to the client but will serve as a resource to both the client and the developer. Meaning we will provide the following:

  • Development Trainings

    Equipped office resources, and access to our collaboration tool where they get to partner with other resources such as Business Analyst, Database Experts, Front End Developers, Support Analyst and Quality Assurance Resources. 

    Project & Payment Management Tool.  

    Global Advisors and Mentors.


    Our well trained and experienced Nigex resources work closely with you to get you places faster with less effort.

  • Government

    Get your unemployeed graduates Nigex ready. Nigex works with US and Europe clients to get work for developers in developing countries. We onboard qualified developers into our program to develop their capacity and skillet all while finding them jobs to prove themselves.   
    Nigex resources are trusted by our clients to be who they say they are and to be capable of doing the work they have signed up for. In addition we ensure all our resources get free access to the following benefits:


Our Key Services


Training on Cutting Edge Technologies

Android & Iphone,

FullStack Web Development

Software and Web APP


Jobs & Referrals

We use our developers' track record with clients to position them for ideal jobs that fit their experience.



Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with other developers to solve global problems and not just limit yourself to a market with limited opportunities.



Our mentors come with real life leadership, project management and training experience that enables our mentors to be the best coaches and referrals to their assigned resources.

Member's Skillsets in Development &

FullStack Web Development

Software and Web APP


  • Iphone : Xcode, Cocoa Touch , Cocos 2D Framework, Objective C, iOS4, iPhone SDK.
  • Android : C, C++ Java programming Windows XP, Android SDK
  • Windows Mobile :Windows mobile 7,Windows phone 8 .Net, Visual Studio,C#, SQL server, Windows mobile SDK.
  • Blackberry : Java programming, J2ME, HTML, Jquery, PHP, Javascript, CSS, SQlite, C++
  • Cross platform : Based on HTML5, PhoneGap leverages web technologies that developers already know best such as HTML and JavaScript to build apps compatible for 7 platforms.
  • Smart IPTV applications: Samsung smart TV apps, Google Tv applications.

We have expertise in various other fields:

  • Internet Programming Languages : ASP, ASP .NET (C#, VB .NET)
  • WEB UI : Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript
  • Desktop Programming Languages : Visual Basic, VBA
  • Database : MS-SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL
  • CMS : Customization of any CMS
  • eCommerce: Integration of eCommerce in any System


Member's Skillsets in Product Development

ASIC Design, ASIC Verification, ASIC Physical Design, ASIC DFT, ASIC Analog Design, FPGA Implementation,

OEM’s typically has several milestones to achieve in a development cycle, most of which are time sensitive and affect business goals. These milestones become difficult to achieve without the right decisions made with the right Resources Vs Cost. Adding the right resources for the best market price becomes a greater challenge. Nigex's principles have spent years working with specialized Design Houses to meet OEM's design, time and budget requirements.  Nigex’s ability to leverage reference designs and select the most effective technology solutions & design resources makes us highly effective to achieve our customers' goals.


  • Budgetary Design Resource
  • Project Management
  • Design House Evaluation (Based on key attributes)
  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing   


Better Results by Leveraging Experienced Resources

It's not just a job for us, we give you more for less because we enjoy what we do.